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Providing Plumbing Service in Springdale, AR & Northwest Arkansas for 25 Years-Honest & Dependable.

Farwell commercial & residential plumbing has been serving the residents of Springdale, AR for over 30 years. If your job involves plumbing of any sort, including working with water, drains or natural gas, we can do it! Millions of Americans are putting up with low-consumption toilets (1.6 gallons) that simply don’t work. We stock a variety of water-conserving toilets that actually work with just one flush! We can replace your problematic toilets and you can throw your plunger away forever! The services we offer are vast to include:  
Water Jetting Springdale, AR

This is the process of forcing water down the drain through a clean-out (an opening through which a plumber cleans out clogs.) The water pushes the debris through the drain, dislodging all blockages including grease, hair, mineral build up and even tree roots. This is how our team of professional plumbing contractors clean out clogged or slow sewer and drain lines

Pipe inspection springdale, ar

One of the most valuable tools in the plumbing business these days is the inspection camera. This is a specially made, waterproof camera which allows professional plumbers to easily inspect sewer lines and other underground pipes visually. We can inspect your pipes whether they are in cement or even ones under the foundation of the property.     

This allows a plumber to determine the pipe’s condition from the real-time video images from the camera. In addition to saving time and money by identifying problems faster, radio transmitters on the camera record the actual location and depth of any defects or obstructions. This inspection allows us to make diagnosis and fixing of drain line problems much more accurate. 

Water Heater Replacement Springdale, AR

Water heating units are an indispensable part of every home. We rely on them to provide us with clean, hot water for cooking, cleaning, bathing, & other things. When these units stop working, it can cause chaos around the house. At Farwell Plumbing, we are always on hand day and night to help you with those kind of emergencies. We will replace or repair your water heater in no time at all.  


Most of us are too busy to pay any attention to what gets washed down the drains in our homes or businesses. Unfortunately, this means that clogs may be forming within your pipes. If clogged drains aren't professionally cleaned, the pipe could rot and need replacing . In order to avoid having to fix major problems in the future, it’s best to have a professional drain cleaning to keep your sinks and showers flowing properly. Here at Farwell's we're happy to get your plumbing back in working order. Contact us today!

Faucet Repair Springdale, AR

There are few things more annoying than a dripping faucet. A leaking faucet can also cost you a lot of money in creeping water bills and cause water damage. Faucet repairs can range from simply stopping a leak to replacing the unit, no matter what solution you need – repair or replace - we’re here to serve you. Let Farwell Plumbing help you immediately stop that steady drip before it becomes a stream (and before it drives you insane...).

Water Leak in Springdale, AR

One of the most common plumbing issues are water leaks. These happen because of wear and tear that comes with the heavy use that your plumbing system experiences. You'll need a plumbing professional to assist with the water leak location and repair. Our team can locate the source of the water leak and get everything back in perfect working order. Other than aged pipes, water leaks can be caused by having pipes that are not properly installed, or even by tree roots, clogs and blockages that form in the pipes.


A great way of avoiding most plumbing emergencies is to investing in regular maintenance of your drains. Over time, this actually allows you to save money by catching those small issues before they become costly emergencies which affect the water works running of your business or home. Take advantage of our professional drain cleaning service to keep your pipes flowing in prime condition. 

water line repair springdale, ar

When it comes to water works, extensive water damage can be caused by ignoring issues with your water line. These issues may come from having clogged lines, old pipes that are corroded, or tree roots that force their way into pipes. Whenever you experience such issues, it’s best to deal with them quickly and effectively before they escalate. Our team is qualified and happy to help inspect, repair and replace your water line and water supply connectors. 


A lot of homes use natural gas to power their appliances. Gas leaks are dangerous emergencies because natural gas is highly flammable. If you suspect that you have a gas leak, you'll need an experienced plumbing service professional to handle your gas line repairs . We're happy to assist, call Farwell Plumbing for a quick and effective solution. 

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